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Personal Injury Accidents including Falls

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Pedestrian Accidents

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All matters relating to Administration of Estates, Probate and Wrongful Death


I was involved in a car accident in 2017. When the time was about to run out, I found Carol through a family friend. Due to the pandemic, she was seeing clients at her home, which she opened to me and my Mom. She did my case in record time, filed the papers, litigated the case and settled for the full amount of the policy which was 100K. It is amazing how quickly Carol settled my case, as it was only October 2020 that I retained her. More than practicing law in an incredible way, Carol has become part of my family, and likewise, I trust her Like I would trust my Mom.

Nicholas S.

I highly recommend Carol Stone as a hard working conscientious attorney who is also very caring. she works quickly to achieve successful results for her clients.

Greg G.

I would like to take the time to give much gratitude to my son’s personal injury lawyer, Carol Stone Esq. My son was involved in a car accident, which left him with permanent damage. When I was introduced to Carol, I felt so comfortable as If I was with a family member. She eased my mind, and told me that she will take care of my son, and give all of her time to his case. Dealing with my son’s injury was difficult. He could not work, and still can’t. Carol gave it her all, and she was very persistent. On top of everything, she got my son 100% settlement, which was very unusual. Words can’t express how grateful my family is to her. Money is not the issue, the point is she never gave up on my son’s case. She is truly a class act. You see commercials all the time about settlements and think that it could never happen to you. My family and I would refer her to anyone. I tell her that she will never loose us, just not as clients but consider her part of our family.

Joann S.

Carol G. Stone Esq. is a wrongful death lawyer, slip and fall attorney, car accident lawyer, pedestrian hit by car lawyer, bike accident lawyer, dog bite lawyer and personal injury lawyer for Brooklyn, Kings County, Queens County, Richmond County, Bronx County, New York County, Westchester County, Rockland County, Putnam County, Orange County and Dutchess County.